Doom Fortress - Team Fortress clone for the Doom engine

This is a mod for Doom or, more specifically, for [Skulltag]; The intention was to replicate the gameplay of [TF2] on the Doom engine while still keeping the original Doom look and feel.

Initially, when this mod was just an idea on my head, I was intending to make it as an “boot leg demake”, something like [Gang Garrison], but in an 8-bit 3D like in [8bit Killer], but I soon realized that this would mean that every texture and sprite in the game would have to be custom made from scratch, meaning that its development could take a long time. Having that in mind, I decided to start with something simpler: make an TF clone mod for Doom while still keeping some of the classic Doom feel, meaning that there would be already a richness of existing resources to base it upon, therefore cutting down its development time and maybe, just maybe, paving the way for a true TF2 mod later on.

This mod actually reached a quite playable state: all 9 character classes are fully implemented, and can be very fun to play if you can gather enough players. Eventually, though, I quit working on it, partially due to lack of time, but mostly because I felt that everything that would be challenging to implement on this mod, I had already implemented.

Anyway, here’s the mod as it is. It’s an alpha, but it’s fully playable.


Skulltag (Doom engine)


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Doom Fortress



This mod used many resources from the Doom modding community on it’s development:

  • ID Software: DooM, of course =) and also most of the base sprites
  • Haroldo-OK: Concept, main ACS/DECORATE coding, weapon tweaks, Sentry, Teleporter, Dispenser, Medigun, Stickies, Invisibility
  • VoltlocK: Sentry gun’s targetting code
  • Medic!: Sentry improvements, major weapon rebalancing
  • El-Pepi: Briefcase 3D model
  • |WS|Nikon Ubercharger: Original 3D sentry gun model (based on Q3F)
  • Monster: Reloadable Shotgun
  • ProjectAngel: Grenade Launcher
  • Marty Kirra: Grenade Launcher
  • WildWeasel: Pipe Wrench
  • lolo_is_cool: Meatgrinder, Flaregun
  • Croteam: Meatgrinder
  • TheDarkArchon: Meatgrinder
  • ThatOneZDoomer: Medigun sprites, FlameThrower
  • Cyb: Shovel
  • Xim: Machete, Knife
  • Exhumed: Machete
  • Aerial: Sniper Railgun sprites
  • Eriance: Sniper Railgun sprites
  • ScubaSteve: Knife
  • CodenniumRed: Plasma Bolter
  • Daniel: Plasma Bolter, Baseball Bat
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