Artillery Master

This was a Sega Master System game I programmed for the Minigame Compo 2006.


Sega Master System
C (Z88DK) / Z80 Assembly


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This is an unfinished clone of Tim Sweeneys’ [ZZT]. As it stands now, it’s able to load any of the available ZZT worlds and even lets you walk around them, but not much else.

Doom Fortress - Team Fortress clone for the Doom engine

This is a mod for Doom or, more specifically, for [Skulltag]; The intention was to replicate the gameplay of [TF2] on the Doom engine while still keeping the original Doom look and feel.

Initially, when this mod was just an idea on my head, I was intending to make it as an “boot leg demake”, something like [Gang Garrison], but in an 8-bit 3D like in [8bit Killer], but I soon realized that this would mean that every texture and sprite in the game would have to be custom made from scratch, meaning that its development could take a long time. Having that in mind, I decided to start with something simpler: make an TF clone mod for Doom while still keeping some of the classic Doom feel, meaning that there would be already a richness of existing resources to base it upon, therefore cutting down its development time and maybe, just maybe, paving the way for a true TF2 mod later on.

This mod actually reached a quite playable state: all 9 character classes are fully implemented, and can be very fun to play if you can gather enough players. Eventually, though, I quit working on it, partially due to lack of time, but mostly because I felt that everything that would be challenging to implement on this mod, I had already implemented.

Anyway, here’s the mod as it is. It’s an alpha, but it’s fully playable.


This was a try at making a version of Joust for the Sega Master System. The graphics are partially done, the flying and scenery collision physics are implemented, but not much else.

Atari 2600 Soccer

This was an Atari 2600 game I programmed just to get a feel of it. [Heres the Atariage thread][Original thread] that inspired me to do it. Note: it’s for two players only.

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